About US



Trillion Peak is a luxury fashion destination bringing you clothes online from the world’s high end brands and designers. The pieces are 100% genuine.

The standard of fashion brands Trillion Peak brings you is second to none with Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen among the stellar names.

The mission of the online shop is to bridge the gap between these titans of the fashion world and global discerning connoisseurs of high fashion and luxury living at great prices.

Furthermore, the items are of limited availability in number and sizes and once sold to their new style and fashion conscious owners to be appreciated as part of their social statements, they are indeed gone.

That’s why dedicated followers of fashion by all means look around because what you see on Trillion Peak may never be available again.

Trillion Peak can bring luxury brands to you because the company is situated in one of the major fashion capitals of the world with access to designers on par with any city.

Thus Trillion Peak is in a unique position to bring the collections and seasons of fashion icons straight to your door almost anywhere you are in the world all year round.